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Bygg & Maskin since 1993

Bygg & Maskin, founded with Swedish capital in 1993, is 100 percent Estonian owned since 1998.

The company which originally rented construction tools and equipment provides earthworks and demolition works services nowadays.

Our fleet of construction vehicles is made up of more than 70 different machines for earthworks at this moment and the number is growing every year. Track excavators constitute the biggest part of our motor pool, we also have backhoe loaders, front loaders, wheel excavators, bulldozers, telescopic loaders, compact loaders and excavators.

The greates assets of our company are competent workers who are able to manage the fleet of construction vehicles efficiently and productively.

In the name of maximum conveniency for our clients we take the responsibility for carrying out all the works connected with earth- and demolition works from beginning to the end. If necessary, we can start with land survey and finish with compacting backfilled earth taking care of all the other works that have to be completed in between.

Our aim is the high quality of works. Not to be the cheapest conractor at all costs, but to keep to all given promises.